Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Coming Thunder Errata, Part III

Well one of my sharp eyed readers spotted another issue. I had the card Tarnation present in the book with no explanation of what it was. This was a simple mistake on my part. I had actually written The Coming Thunder before Terrible Sharp Sword was completed. I initially used a play test version of the rules to work the scenarios out. Actually, they were first just based on Sharp Practice. When Rich released Terrible Sharp Sword, this card was to have been replaced by the Dag Nabbit! card that are in those rules. I actually tried this and there is a scenario or two that has both Dag Nabbit and Tarnation present in them. This is now corrected in version 2.6 of the rules. Contact me if you need this replaced. Sorry for the inconvenience.

In addition, I have gone through the pages on the blog and added the label of The Coming Thunder on the relevant pages. It seems that I had not done that on all of them before. This should make finding stuff a bit easier.

Thanks everyone.

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