Friday, October 31, 2014

CSS Appomattox is Published

I have just published my first novel, CSS Appomattox. This story is about the adventures of a Confederate Airship crew captained by Thomas Devareaux. The book is alternative history and a touch steampunk (but only a touch). The time period is the 1880s and the Confederacy has entered into a mutual defense treaty with Spain and is involved in protecting the Spanish Caribbean possessions from the Empire of Germany.

This is the current cover of the book. My graphics layout talents are not the best but I kind of like it. I have been told that the font is all wrong for it but I could not figure out a better one. Any amateur artists want to take a shot at it? :)

I am selling it on both Amazon and DriveThruFiction. Both places I have the book up for $2.99. I never know what to charge for things so I looked at other similar length self published stuff to come up with this price. Time will tell how it does.

What I would really appreciate is reviews on both sites. If you are so kind as to get a copy, please let me know what you think even if you decide not to publish a review.

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