Thursday, October 2, 2014

Terrain Opinions

I have a good deal of basic terrain that I need for my table. But I keep wanting to take it to the next level and make it better. My question is how common were telephone/telegraph poles on the eastern Front, in 1940 France and in 1944 Normandy?

Should I have a string of such posts lining roads? Or are they rarer than that?

I recently was given a pack of the Battlefront Miniatures telephone poles and street signs. They seem really short. Then I have another set that are much bigger and based on small FOW biscuit bases.

Here is the two types side by side. Which would look better with 15mm figures?


  1. In France telegraph poles seem to be very common. Plenty of photos of the Normandy campaign show Allied vehicles driving along rural roads lined with telephone poles, or German vehicles for that matter. For Eastern Front? If it was me I would probably use telephone poles as terrain in or near cities/towns in more rural areas may by not so much. Bearing in mind that many main roads in the USSR were still just mud out in the sticks. But unless you come up against some one who is a real expert who would notice? Telegraph poles in cities in Russia seemed to used by Germans for hanging unfortunates off! Which of two is better-use both, in France different designs appear to exist or which ever is personal preference.

  2. Chris, what is the other manufacturer?

    1. Not a clue. They were that way when they came into my hands.