Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Birthdays and other stuff

Well my birthday has come and gone, but the sale is extended till Saturday at midnight.

I have an interesting weekend planned. My wife is going to North Carolina for the weekend for some scrapbook retreat. My son and I are to accompany her. The surprise for me was the invitation to bring some miniatures with us and paint. Well this had me rummaging through my cabinets to see what I want to work on. The first few drawers in the cabinet are all AWI related. My Rebels are in pretty good shape. I have plenty of militia infantry at this point to do most of what I want.

My provincials on the other hand are sorely lacking. My next AWI supplement, I am determined to have pictures of my miniatures in it. So I have a large number of provincials in the take with us box. Lots of Old Glory and Lancashire casts there as well as a gun and gun crew. I am bringing enough that I should be able to finish off a company sized unit at 1 to 1. At the moment I have but 11 painted provincials plus an officer, drummer and flag bearer.

Next up, I put my Santa Clause figures into the mix so I can get those painted up. The sculpts are pretty nice. I just hope my painting does justice to them. I think they are a unique addition to my target's existing collection.

Lastly, some Roman infantry has entered the box. Yep, the 16 sword armed Auxilia from the two packs of Corvus Beli are on the way to the mountains this weekend. As well as a couple of Centurions. Then my command elements are resolved.

While we are talking about Romans, I have decided on how to finish off the roof on my watchtower. I found some HO scaled roof tiles that look like what I want. I am going to buy that and see how it goes.

Sorry for the lack of posting but my motivation is at an all time low for some reason.


  1. Hope you have a good painting session out in the wilds.

    The mojo is sure to come back


    1. I think it will. If nothing else, it will be nice to be out of pocket for a few days.

  2. Happy belated birthday, Chris! A painting holiday sounds like a perfect get away to me.