Wednesday, October 22, 2014

500th Post - Secret Santa - Other Ramblings

Wow, I have cleared over 100 posts this year. This is post 500. The blog has risen to 160 followers and over 128,000 views. Not too bad. Thank you for following and reading along. It has been great fun getting to know many of you and getting feedback on my many different hobby adventures. Please keep the comments coming.

Secret Santa
Yes, it is that time. Ian's Secret Santa project just closed and I received my target. Now I just have to figure out what on earth to buy them. Also I was asked to make a post with a wishlist of things that I would be interested in. Well, that is a great question. I have 3 current projects going on that I need more stuff for.

#1) 10mm Zulus. I have absolutely 0 terrain for these fellows and I need more Zulus. No preference in manufacturer. I actually was looking to get from several different ones just to see what they are like.

#2) 15mm Cowboys. I have at this moment 6 painted cowboy miniatures from Peter Pig. Anything from that range would be welcome or any of the 15mm buildings from the Game Craft Miniatures Wild West Line. Especially their 1 story buildings. Actually that would be excellent.

#3) 15mm WWII terrain. I would be happy with just about anything that I could use for either Normandy or the Eastern Front. no preferences as to manufacturers.

#4) Just thought of one more. Picts from Splintered Light Miniatures. I need to beef up the rather weak force that I have for Dux Britaniarum.

Those are just some ideas. Or just go through the blog and find something complimentary to what you find. I am very excited to have something hobby related under the tree this year.

Other Ramblings
I was really wanting to use post #500 to show off something that I actually finished or to have a contest. Neither are going to happen right now. But I have an idea for a give away that I will probably do sometime early next year. I will check to see if there is something that I can do with a local terrain of figure manufacturer.

The Santa Clause is going fairly well. i have heard back from a number of participants and it seems that people have gotten their ideas well in hand and are progressing. I am guessing that I will be done with mine before the end of the month. So I can mail it in early November.

So far my experiment at Wargame Vault has been mostly fruitful. I am encouraged enough to keep the books up there. The Coming Thunder has been the best seller there. With the sample scenarios as well as the full book. They have done a fantastic job of putting the word out that the book was for sale there. All in all, I am impressed with them. I will use them again for my next project as well.

As for next projects, I am finishing off my novel, CSS Appomattox. I am over half way done editing it and if I can get focused, i should be able to finish off the editing in a week. I am seriously considering posting it up on DriveThruFiction as well as amazon. DriveThru is a sister company of Wargame Vault.


  1. Congratulations on your 500th post! I look forward to many more.

    I'm glad to read that Wargames Vault is working out for you.

    1. Thank you very much for the recommendation. I need to better figure out how to use their promotional points that they give. I exhausted mine early. They seem to be the key to getting traffic there.

  2. Well done on 500 posts, congratulations!

  3. Many congratulations, here's to many more.

  4. 500 posts that's quite a landmark.

    I have a good idea what I am going to get my SS and have started work on my Santa Clause item, should finish it in the next two weeks


    1. Excellent. I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with. I both can't believe that it is already October 24th and yet I can't believe it is only October 24th.

  5. 500 posts! That's excellent! Likewise I have acquired a target. Going to have to think about it a little.

    1. Thank you. Will be watching the blogs to see what you come up with.

  6. Many congrats to the 500 step!
    And by the way a good hint for Santa...