Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Now for some Good News

Thank you to everyone who purchased From Empire to Revolution. So far I believe we are close to 100 copies sold. Honestly for what is viewed by many as the backwater of the Great War, I am viewing this as a success.

I have finally finished with my offering for the Santa Clause but I can't show you as I want my target to be the first to see it. I did take some suggestions that I had received and made a sabot base for it. OK, truth be told, I had some one cut out the base and then finished it. The base is done and its looking pretty good. Well at least to me and my 6 year old son. He was rather miffed that he was not allowed to play with them.

I also managed to wrap up my offering in Ian's Secret Santa (Thanks in large part to those who bought From Empire to Revolution).

Next up, I am trying to be involved in a Play By Blog game. I have never done that before. I signed up for two of them. One is Roy's Old West game (that is still looking for participants last I heard). And I also signed up for the iron clad game. I am not totally sure how this will work but it should be fun.

Now my next task is to get some items off of the to do list. I have attempted a Mark Luther ground sheet. I bought a sheet at Target and dyed it green. I then sprayed it with a couple of Greens and Browns to break up the monotony. Anyway, it can't be worse than what I have now. Once Friday is over and done with, I plan on seizing the kitchen table and getting a solo game in.

Also I have made progress on my large tree for 15mm. It is currently standing next to my Santa Clause item and it looks pretty good. Also I bought some putty and hope to finish off the Roman Watchtower sometime soon as well.

And just to prove I will take a picture now and again, here is my finished Panzer II Flamm that I received from Gaming Models. I repainted it and am nearly happy with it. The Balkan crosses would have been tiny where they were supposed to go so I left them off.

This picture was an attempt to use natural light. Unfortunately, the sun was not cooperating with me.

Until next time....


  1. Chris great news on Empire to Revolution, hoping to post a few more AAR's soon to spread the word....

    1. Thanks. I love seeing other peoples games the stuff I have written. I look forward to them.

  2. Well done with your authorship, and the Pz 2 looks good to me.

    I've never been involved in a play by blog game, either ...
    But if first you don't succeed; try, try, again :)
    [and keep the rules simple and straightforward]

    1. Thanks. I am looking forward to the game. When are you kicking it off and is there anything I was supposed to do?

  3. Hi Chris. Sorry for the confusion.

    I've completely overlooked the fact that I don't have a means to contact you (I can no longer use Hangouts, not having a G+ account). When you're able could you please contact me through the "Contact Form" on my blog (so I can get a copy of your email) and then I'll email you the small amount of information, as follows ~ (and you'll also receive my email information).

    "Many thanks for showing an interest. Yes, there's still positions to fill and I've reserved you a place.

    I'll keep updating my blog on the progress of the terrain and figure painting (hence why it's to start in the New Year) and will contact players again in 2015.

    Thanks again,


    btw. look to your blog roll. The blog "Gaming the French Revolution" shows an image that shouldn't, probably, be shown. I spotted it when seeing if I could find a contact form on your page.

    1. Thanks. Someone must have hacked that blog. Let me prune it. I used the Contact form.

    2. Got it ~ reply sent.