Friday, August 1, 2014

Soviet Chain of Command Forces for 1941

Following up on my Early War Germans, I have put together my Soviet forces. This time I split things up a bit more for the platoon and put all of my available elements for the supports together. Thanks to everyone who helped yesterday with tank identification. Its coming along. I was surprised that I had all of the Engineering elements. Nothing like sorting through your figures to figure out what you actually have.

Soviet Rifle Platoon

The Soviet Rifle Platoon was commanded by a Leytenant and a Starshina. Rounding out the headquarters was a M39 50mm mortar team.

These were over the four squads. Each squad was commanded by a Serzhant and had nine riflemen, a rifle grenadier and a DP-28 LMG with two crewmen.

Supports ListsPicture
List One
2x PPD-40 SMG
2x SVT-40 Semi-Automatic Rifles - None Yet -
Satchel Charge - No Miniature Needed -
Medical Orderly - None Yet -
Engineer Mine Clearance Team
Engineer Wire Cutting Team
Engineer Demolition Team
Barbed Wire
List Two
50mm Mortar Team
Pre-Game Barrage
ROKS2 Flamethrower Team
T-20 Komsomylets Tractor
T-37 Tank
BA-20 Armored Car
List Three
Sniper Team
M1910 Maxim MMG
Ten Man Rifle Squad
T-26 with 37mm Gun
T-26 Twin MG Turrets
T-38 Tank
List Four
M1937 45mm ATG
76.2mm IG
Engineer Squad
Regular Infantry Squad
BA-6 or 10 Armored Car
T-26 with 45mm Gun
BT-2 Tank
BT-5 Tank
BT-7 Tank
BT-7A Tank
T-40 Tank
List Five
KhT-26 or 130 Tank
T-28 Tank
T-35 Tank
List Six
T-28E Tank
T-34 M1940-41 76mm Tank
List Seven
KV-1 Tank
List Seven
KV-2 Tank