Monday, August 18, 2014

Finishing up a few items

I finished up the basing on my Engineering elements for Chain of Command with my Early War Germans. I have a Medic, a minesweeper team and a wire demolition team. I did not have enough for a demolition team. I also had two spare Russians that I just finished the basing of to get them out of the way.

I am not happy with these. I forgot to water my ink down and they came out very dark. I am not so dissatisfied that I will want to repaint them. I will just live with them.

I just painted up the shields for my first couple of Early Imperial Romans. I went off of the shield design that is on the website. There was no way my eyes or hands could handle anything quite so detailed. So I tried to suggest at it. Not sure if it worked or not.

Here is the six that I have finished up. I have most of the command element for my first century. The Optio, the Signifer and the Cornicen. Also I have the guy who will be the Tribune for my citizen cohort. He has a pair of servants to take orders and hold his shield (apparently).

I really like the Corvus Belli optio. I think these came out pretty good.

Anyway, I have started on the infantry. I have the armor painted up and the flesh on a couple of them. They actually paint up really nicely. The one complaint I have on the CB Auxiliaries are the spears. The points are very indistinct. I will be trying out a few others as will. I have two Museum miniatures Auxiliaries (I think they are from them). They looks pretty good and should mix well (other than having better spears).

Next up is figuring out the basing. I believe that I want to have square bases for my Romans to allow them to be placed close together in formation. My Germans (whenever I get around to them) will be on Round bases as they will not be able to do close order formations like the Romans. Well, that is the current plan. Stay tuned. It could change. Anyway, things are at least progressing.