Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Chain of Command Challenge - Action at Ustilug - June 22, 1941

PatG on the TooFatLardies Forum has posted a challenge to come up with some custom Force Lists for Chain of Command. I pulled out my crayons and got to work. I recently bought the book "The Bloody Triangle" which covers one of the early armor battles of Operation Barbarossa in June of 1941. I found a reference to the battle for a town the captured my imagination.

on June 22, 1941, the town of Ustilug, Ukraine was invaded as the German army sent elements of the 298th Infantry Division to take the town and press past and on to the provincial capitol of Vladimir-Volyn. From Ustilug, the Germans had access to a major road that would lead directly to Kiev.

With the release of the Sharp End by the TooFatLardies, doing this as a campaign seemed very attractive. So I began work. Using the orders of battle for the Divisions on both sides of the action, I redid the force lists to cover the troops and vehicles that they actually had available to them. There are some different troop types in the force lists that could prove to be fun including bicycle and cavalry reconnaissance troops.

Enough of that, you can find the force lists/mini campaign here:


  1. Chris many thanks for sharing, will read tonight
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