Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Actual Progress on Chain of Command Early German Troops

Once again I found myself on a conference call at 4am. It seems that at 4am I am rather productive. I managed to finish painting my engineering elements for my Early War Germans. The minesweeper team is done. As well as the Wire Clearing team. The Flamethrower team was already done. I may have made a miscalculation and I don't think I have a demolition team. I need to recheck this. I did finish up a medic figure. It was an officer looking figure that was reading a book. I guess it can be a medic reading a first aid manual. Once I put on the matt varnish, I'll get some pictures of these. The varnish should be applied while I am at home for lunch.

The only thing I am missing from the main Chain of Command list is some vehicles and anti-tank guns. The missing stuff includes a sPzB41 2.8cm ATR, a Sdkfz 10/5 with a 20mm AA gun, a Flak 30 AA gun, a Pak36(t) 4.7cm ATG, a Pak38 5cm ATG and a Panzer II Flamm. Of these, FOW makes the sPzB41. It lacks any kind of carriage and seems to be made for a vehicle mount. Not ideal but what can you do. The Sdkfz 10/5, the Flak 30 and the PAK 38 I can get from Gaming Models at just $5.00 each. I could not find anyone who does a Panzer II Flamm. I contacted the guy from Gaming Models and he gave me a cryptic answer to contact him in two weeks. Hmmm.... That sounds interesting. Lastly is that PAK36(t). I have not been able to find one yet.

The only terrain item that I have no plan for is the roadblock. For early war, dragon teeth seem out of place to me. I am wondering if I had a wagon on its side and some boxes or something.

I also finished some wooden boxes. I plan on using these as Jump off Points. My current jump off points are small scenic items based on US Pennies. I was thinking about something larger. With a couple of boxes and some other stuff on it.

Once I have all of these taken care of, I think I will make sure I have a second platoon for both Germans and Soviets so I can try the Big Chain of Command with them.

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