Thursday, July 31, 2014

Help Needed - Soviet Armor Identification

I have tried to Google these but at this point I am throwing up my hands. Please take a look and let me know if I have these right or what they actually are.

1) I think this is a set of Gaming Models T-26 tanks.

2) I think this is another T-26 but I am not sure. Is it a different make or is the difference between it and the Gaming Models ones that severe.

3) Next up is what I think is a KhT-26 flame thrower tank, well maybe.

4) Lastly is ... well, I have no idea. Almost looks like a KV-1 but its smaller than the others that I have.

Thanks for the help.


  1. I reckon your right with all of them, my thoughts are
    1-Conical turret T-26s
    2- Cylindrical turret version
    3- Flamethrower or 76mm support tank(possibly)
    4- very odd, squashed almost KV-1

    Sorry I can't be more help.

    1. No, thank you. Its a start. It seems a rather odd looking and smaller than the 2 other KV-1s that I have. But that is probably what it is.

  2. What he said. That KV-1 is probably another scale, or underscale.

  3. I agree with what has been said so far. But for what it's worth;

    The first three, if the model has sloped armour on the hull superstructure they are T-26S 1939 model, if not then 1937 model. The second one I believe is either T-26 model 31 or 33. I think Jason is right with saying the third is meant to be a T-26 support tank. Which mounted a T-28 turret with the 76mm gun. I don't think it's a flamethrower T-26 since they had the turret moved onto the right side of the hull to accommodate the extra fuel tank. Except for the last version the OT-134, but that retained the 45mm gun in the turret and the flamethrower was mounted in the hull.

  4. I can't add much to the above comments, but the last one definitely looks like a KV-1. The hull isn't too bad, but the turret is a bit squashed looking.

  5. The first models are T 26 hulls but with strange turret;s they look like the turrets of a BA 6
    The last one is clearly a KV 1 but the scale is bizarre

  6. I have always been intrigued by Soviet inter war armor. So many different variations on the same basic hull.

  7. Thanks everyone. I appreciate the help. These are miniatures that I picked up in bulk from someone selling off their collection and all came as you see them. I think I may have bought the Gaming Models one though.