Monday, July 28, 2014

Welcomes, Plans and Other things


I just noticed that another follower has joined the site - JHaygood. Now if this is the same JHaygood that I think it is, WELCOME! One of my first war gaming opponents with IABSM was Jay Hagood. Glad you could join.

Summer Scenario Sale

To all of you who have helped out, thanks. Hopefully by the end of the week, I can show off what you have helped me get.

Chain of Command

In going through the lists for the early war period, I decided it might be worthwhile to take a picture of each force including the supports. I will try to put these together over the course of the week. I think it will help me organize.

Writers Block

Well, I have lost much of my motivation. I have about four projects in various levels of completion. Yet, I can't even begin to sort out where to continue. I know I want to do another AWI campaign. I have the Zulu stuff going on. Then there is the novel I started. And there is a force list that I want to do for the opening days of Barbarossa. I am just not sure what I want to work on next.


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  2. South Carolina? That's very interesting because a particular family detail about SC has sparked my interest in wargaming AWI. Andrew Hughes, my 8th great grandfather and born in the colony of Pennsylvania joined a Maryland Artillery company (Gale's Independent Company) in 1779. His company saw action in SC, and in the first census after the war, he was still in SC. Putting together some irregular artillery from the Revolution is on my to-do list. Thanks.

    1. Excellent. When did he serve in South Carolina? Many of the Colonials that served in the Southern Theater were from Northern Colonies. After the surrender of Charleston, There were no Colonials in the South for quite a while. Did he get caught in the surrender or did he arrive after it?

    2. My research seems to indicate that his company was captured in SC, and he remained there after the war. He lived to be 86 years old; one of his sons moved to Georgia, and here we remain.

    3. Interesting. It seems likely that he was captured at Charleston. A huge number of troops were captured there.

  3. Same Jay Haygood as you know! Saw you post you were getting a blog going so I thought I would join. Time to play against each other again!