Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Finishing what I started

The Chain of Command Lists that TFL has published has really been good for helping me focus. Back in the day, I purchased tons of early war miniatures to play IABSM in 15mm. Since I decided to do Chain of Command in the same scale I have been going through my miniature collection to make sure I have all of the various possible support options as it is likely that some one will want something that I don't have on hand.

This lead me to go through the lead pile. I was shocked. I had plenty of painted miniatures but much of it was not based. So I have gotten to work on that.

The first bit was some support elements. Two fellows with Flame Throwers, a 75mm Infantry gun and crew, a 5cm mortar team, a forward observer team and a MMG team.

The next batch is additional support elements. We have the motorcycle gang with a pair of solo motorcyclists and three motorcycles with sidecars. Then there is a sniper, a fellow with binoculars (forward observer maybe) and a dying man.

Note that dead people are not part of any support list in Chain of Command (unless someone cooks up a zombie game). But they are great markers to leave around to denote where the action was taking place. For all of my skirmish level games I try to have a handful of dead troops to scatter around. I think I have about 15 or so for my Early War Germans.

Another discovery was a completely painted Anti-Tank Gun and crew that was not based. I have started basing those fellows. I also found a painted horse drawn limber that was not based. That too in under way.

So, what is left with my Early War Germans? Not too much. First I have to paint my engineering elements. I just purchased a Peter Pig Pack of mine sweepers. I have a primed set of Wire Cutters and Demolitions. And I have to finish flocking an additional squad of regular infantry.

What I am missing are a couple of vehicles and guns. Specifically I lack a Panzer 38(t), a Sdkfz 10/5 AA halftrack, a Panzer II D Flame tank, and a Flak 30 2cm AA gun. To fill in these couple of gaps, I think I am going to give Gaming Models a try. I think they have most of what I need.

Next week I will check out my Soviet Collection.


  1. Discovering PAINTED figures in your lead pile? Astonishing (and lucky for you)!

    That reminds me...I need to get some work done on MY early war 15mm project!

    1. Its part of my ability to be easily distracted.

  2. Are you basing your infantry squads individually or in units? I've been considering converting my 15mm's for CoC but I'm not really looking forward to breaking up all of those stands.

    1. I have them based individually for infantry but for the LMG teams. Those are 2 to a base. I think you can use FOW based units just fine. However, most stock FOW packs don't have enough infantry and you will need some spares that you can put on individual bases.