Thursday, July 31, 2014

Early War Germans for Chain of Command

I took some initial pictures of my Chain of Command forces and decided to organize them. This is duplicated on my Miniature Collection page. Now my vehicle recognition skills are not what they should be. If I have something in the wrong spot, please let me know.

German Rifle Platoon - 1941

The rifle platoon contains a Leutnant, a Feldwebel and a 5cm light mortar team in its headquarters. I only have two men as part of the light mortar team instead of the requisite three. I will add a riflemen to them at some point.

There are four squads that are each composed of a Obergefreiter, an LMG team of 3 men and a rifle team of six men.

Supports ListsPicture
List One
Satchel Charge
Medical Orderly - To Be Painted -
Engineer Mine Clearance Team - Ordered -
Engineer Wire Cutting Team - To Be Painted -
Engineer Demolition Team - To Be Painted -
Adjutant - Off Table, no miniature -
Minefield - To be made -
Barbed Wire - None Yet -
Road Block - None Yet -
Two Solo Motorcycles
Motorcycle and Side Car
List Two
Panzerbchse 38/39 Team - Can't find picture -
Le.GrW36 5cm Mortar Team
Pre-Game Barage - Off Table, no miniature -
List Three
Sniper Team
Flamethrower Team - To Be Painted -
sPxB41 2.8cm AT Rifle - None Yet -
Panzer 1B
SdKfz 221 or 223
SdKfz 251/1a-c
List Four
PaK36 3.7cm ATG
Engineer Section - To Be Painted -
Forward Observer - To be based -
MG34 on Tripod - Need two figures -
Panzer 35(t)
Panzer 38(t)
Panzer III E-G
Panzerjager I
Kleine Befehlspanzer I
Sdkfz 10/5 AA Halftrack - None Yet -
Sdkfz 222
List Five
Regular Infantry Squad - Need to Base -
Flak 30 or 38 2cm AA Gun - None Yet -
Pak36(t) ATG - None Yet -
PaK38 5cm ATG - None Yet -
Motorcycle Aufklarungs Squad
Sdkfz 231 or 232 (8 Rad)
Panzer II A-C
Panzer II H or J
Panzer IV D-F - lost picture -
List Six
Panzer II D Flamm - None Yet -
Panzer IVF1
sIG33 15cm


  1. Nice collection! Outstanding photo layout.

    1. Thanks Jonathan. I have to fill in some blanks still but so far so good.

  2. Looks like you have your bases well covered!