Wednesday, July 16, 2014

This Years Painting in Review

The first quarter of the year started off with a bang. Having Robert Avery's painting challenge has proven to be a big help. In the first quarter, 194.5 points of work. But in the second quarter, I managed a mere 60 points of painting. (Actually I did a bit more but since the work did not get finished to the point of completed basing, it did not count.

Third quarter is chugging along. I am not sure about the points Rob awarded for 1/600th scale aircraft. It almost seems too much as I already have 126 points for this quarter. My goal, is to paint a total of 1000 points or more for the year. I will see what happens. The airplanes were enough fun to paint that I may just end up finishing the remaining ones off. That and I have some base work to do on a whole platoon of DAK as well.

Next up is the Gigabytes Games day on the 19th. I am looking forward to a fun day of gaming. Lots of interesting games going on there.


  1. Historical 28mm Pirates at Giga Bytes on the 19th

  2. Well, despite the possibility of point inflation, it sounds like you are getting things done. Have fun gaming and thanks for the Air rules comparison. Are your 1/600 planes from tumbling dice?

  3. The Vis Lardica challenge is proving especially helpful to me as well. Getting lots done this year.