Friday, February 7, 2014

More Painting - British Armor

Well I managed to finish some more armor to use with Chain of Command for my North African British force.

OK,I tried to improve the pictures that I took initially. This might be the best I could get out of it. All of these were painted for use in Europe rather than the desert so these are all repainted.

First up is a Mark VI tank. I have another two of these to convert. Somehow I seem to have a bunch of these small tanks. I have another platoon of them for use with the BEF as well.

Next is a Humber LRC III armored car. It is probably only useful for late 1941 on and won't feature in my campaign.

Then we have a second Bren Carrier (or is it a Universal Carrier? I can't tell them apart). I still need some crew figures for these. Oneday I will buy some.

. Last up is an A10 cruiser tank. I have two more of these to paint up. It should add some punch to my desert forces.

But wait, there is more. Yes I have managed to rebase a 2pounder anti-tank gun and my platoon leader.

The picture is bad again. I tried to add as much light as possible but I did not have success. The Platoon Leader has a nice pose with his webley extended in a one hand grip. The 2 pounder needed some rebasing but other than that was as I bought it.


  1. Nice work Chris, the A10 looks cool!

  2. Thanks. It was actually fun to paint. One day, I will attempt British desert camo. But today is not that day.