Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy 85th Aniversary of a Mob Hit!

Once again we have reached that odd Hallmark Holiday. I hope everyone enjoys the hearts and cupids. Surely Al Capone was a marketing genius to have turned it around. :)

Welcome to two new followers: Jonathan Freitag and Josh McNutt. I can't find a link to a blog for Josh McNutt. either of you but I thought Jonathan had one. Anyway, let me know and I will update the post with a link. Jonathan has a great blog Palouse Wargaming Journal. (I knew you had one, I just could not remember)

Well I have begun painting these little guys in earnest. I have 11 of them painted so far. Of these, 8 are unmarried with spears and three are married or ringheads. I am experimenting with basing. So far I am trying 3 or 4 figures on a small Flames of War biscuit base. I think it looks OK. I will base the leaders on a small round washers. Once I try this with a few more groups, I will take some pictures. I want to see what it looks like in a large group.

British Desert Troops
With the last push, I managed to finish off the final Bren Carrier and 8 casualty figures. The casualty figures need a tiny bit of basing work. Not much needs to be done but it should add a little something to the finish them out.

Dark Age Ssaxons
Well I managed to get the longship primed. I still want to get 2 more ships. I want the rowed one from Peter Pig and the knarr from Old Glory. I think it would make for an interesting little fleet. I am not sure when I will get back to Dux Britansiarum but it is definitely on the to do list.

Anyway, happy Friday everyone.


  1. Chris, my blog is

  2. Actually, it was the St Valentine's Day Moussaka (not Massacre), so named after the decision by Capone's Italians and Moran's Irish to meet on neutral turf. They opted for a Greek restaurant.