Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Advancing the Campaign

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East Front Campaign
With the resolution of the first game of my Operation Barbarossa Campaign over the weekend, I had to check on the status of things. My recollections of exactly the losses and what happened was slightly blurred since I was very busy. So with some assumptions, I ran through the Sharp End supplement to see what would happen. Here is the summary for each side.

German Platoon 1 Situation
The Germans were rather roughly handled in their initial action with the Soviets. Having lost half of their supports (a PzIII) and nearly two squads destroyed, they have some rough times ahead. In terms of losses, the platoon lost its officer, a squad leader and eight men killed. They have four men wounded who are in the hospital. Of the initial casualties, four men were able to make it back to their platoon and are ready for service. The Battalion was eager to press the attack as quickly as possible so they are being forced forward again the same evening. The officer is not yet replaced and the Feldwebel will be commanding the platoon.

Having to reorganize quickly to push again, they have reorganized as follows:
Squad 1 is unscathed and at full strength.
Squad 2 is reduced to a replacement squad leader and a two man LMG team.
Squad 3 is also at full strength.
Squad 4 no longer exists.

The CO is not too concerned about the handling of the platoon as the Feldwebel did well in the previous action. The men are fine with the Feldwebel and are giving him a chance. The men are ordered forward. They are taking the same Sdkzf 222 with them under the command of Feldwebel Maximilian Schnell who was recommended for the Iron Cross Second Class in the last action. The award has been submitted but not yet approved. Keeping an eye on the platoon, the adjutant has been assigned to keep an eye on them.

Soviet Platoon 1 Situation
The Soviets scored a win in the last scenario. They controlled the table and managed to take a prisoner or two while they were at it. They suffered relatively light losses but mostly to key leaders. First was the loss of the Starshina. The fourth squad suffered in the hand to hand fighting prior to the Germans breaking and running. The battalion has yet to see to replace the man. The rest of the squads have been arranged as follows:

Squad 1 is a Serzhant and DP‐28 LMG w/Two crew and eleven rifleman.
Squad 2 is a Serzhant and DP‐28 LMG w/Two crew and twelve rifleman.
Squad 3 is a Serzhant and DP‐28 LMG w/Two crew and twelve rifleman.
Squad 4 is a Serzhant and DP‐28 LMG w/Two crew and six rifleman.

The CO is pleased with their progress given the losses that they are occurring across the front. Your men are assigned to remain in the area and protect the Ba-10. A wrecker team should be arriving soon to withdraw it. The crew has been pulled back. It is immobilized. You are able to get your men to prepare enough positions for a single squad. The armored car crew is nearby if needed. Given the needs to the front, you have no other supports available.

Campaign Summary Page
You can see the summary of the campaign at this page here: Campaign Summary Page.