Monday, February 10, 2014

Finished Desert Platoon

The last of my desert British Squads are now complete. Here we have the platoon sergeant and the 8 man squad.

I also did some work on a Vickers MMG team and a Boys ATR team for the platoon as support elements. I am nearly done with this force.

I have only a few items left:
1) 8 Dead Desert Brits
2) 2" Mortar Team
3) Medic
4) 4 additional crewmen (2 for the 2-pounder and 2 for the MMG team)
5) A Bren Carrier
6) 2x A10 Cruiser Tanks
7) 2x Matilda II Infantry Tanks

Beyond this, I have a few spare figures that I am contemplating painting up as fillers for a few things. I need to buy a pack of Peter Pig 8th Army Engineers and I will just about have everything that I want. That would give me enough to field a full engineer squad.