Monday, October 14, 2013

Welcomes, New Stuff and Nov 2 Games Day

First with the welcomes

Tomsche joins us from Società di archeologia e cimeli. An interesting blog with a wide range of interests including some really nicely painted ancients.

Next is Eric the Shed. His blog is Shed Wars. I could not find a blog for you. Let me know and I will gladly link to it.

Welcome folks.

New Stuff
Well, painting has proceeded on my 28mm Colonial figures. I must say I have actually had some fun painting these. I have no clue how I will end up basing these at this point. I have not even tried to assemble the heliograph yet. That may happen sometime this week.

Next up is some remaining odds and ends for my WWII Early War Soviets. I have a few Engineers to base up and some basing to do for a wagon. The wagon was a rather crummy looking sculpt but it will do in a pinch. My Early War Germans have a Battlefront wagon that looks much better than this one. It lacks a driver but I will just have a foot trooper walking the horse.

I did start to work on some of my Civil War miniatures. I have a half of a company primed and ready for paint. Also will be painting up a missing Zouave as well as a single gun. Should then have plenty of troops for Terrible Sharp Sword if I ever get around to painting these up.

Terry Haney Memorial Games Day
Lastly, we have the Terry Haney Memorial Games Day on November 2nd. It is a chance to get together and get some games in to honor our friend. Terry was a good guy who loved to game. As his cancer kept him from gaming with his friends, he continued to collect miniatures and paint and solo game. He would occasionally disappear for months only to reappear and chat as if nothing happened. The last time I spoke with him, I thought his cancer was in remission.

So far there will be a number of games including an ACW game of Terrible Sharp Sword, a WWI game of Chain of Command, a WWII Naval game of Coastal Patrol and several others. If you happen to be near Atlanta on the 2nd of November, stop on by. Giga-Bites Café, 2197 Roswell Rd, Ste 101, Marietta 30062

No entry fee. Giga-bites has a really nice cafe with good food. There should be plenty of room for drop ins to come and play. We will start at 11am and end sometime before the store closes.


  1. Eric the Shed is at Shed Wars -

    You sound busy.

  2. Trying to stay out of trouble. :)

    Thanks for the link.