Tuesday, October 8, 2013

New ACW Journal has been released.

A few months ago, I was contacted by Steven Huckaby about submitting a scenario for a new ACW E-Zine journal that he was getting ready to publish. I Sent him a scenario that I had sitting around and gathering dust and did not think another thing about it. Well, the journal now exists.

The journal is ACW Gamer. Check out the website. The first issue was just released. The journal is quarterly. The cost is $12/year. Steven is taking orders for the journal through paypal at the following address: Ravenbannergames@yahoo.com.

I was given a copy of the first issue from my submission and I am very impressed. There is a wide variety of stuff in there. This is definitely a labor of love from Steven who is looking to help the hobby. The E-Zine is more than just scenarios. There are interviews with sculptors and other folks with in the hobby, information on battles, unit histories and ideas for adapting rule sets. In short, Steven has a wide range of articles that will be coming out.

More importantly, he is looking for articles. Break out the box of crayons boys and girls and support this effort. Steven has had a special miniature cast for the publication. It is a very nice diorama of a Confederate soldier giving water to a wounded soldier. As to scale of the mini, I will assume that it is 28mm by the look of it. It is a very nice one that I am looking forward to get my hands on even though I don't do 28mm. (No really, I don't!)

Please spread the word about the E-Zine. I think Steven is really on to something here. With the demise of Charge! (Scott Mingus' ACW publication devoted to the Johnny Reb rules), Steven is hoping to fill the niche left by this vacancy. If Steven can continue the pace and add to the content with each issue, he has a really nice magazine on his hands that will be well worth the price. That reminds me, I really should put something together for him.

If you want more information, give Steven a shout at: info@acwgamer.com.


  1. Right, onto it! I'll sort out the sub net week when I get my 'spends' :O/

  2. Sent him some money, worth a punt as they say.