Friday, October 18, 2013

Bag the Hun Resources

I am a big fan of air games. Especially those taking place early in WWII (and WWI for that matter). One web site that I keep going back to time after time is Håkans Aviation Page. If you are not familiar with this website, you are in for a treat. Håkan Gustavsson has a page that is priceless for scenario fodder for biplanes in WWII. The page features detailed operational histories of just about anyone who flew a biplane and scored a kill along the way. This site was a phenomenal help in scenario writing. What is great is that there are links in the text to jump you to other pilots pages when they are referenced. While the data is usually the same between accounts, there may be further details available based on if the referenced pilot is Italian or British.

My scenario that I am doing for the games day was taken straight from this site. He has sections on Swedish Aviators in WWII fighting in Finland and with the RAF. There are sections on BiPlane aces during WWII. This section features pilots from a large number of countries. Data on their prewar service is present (especially Italians fighting in Spain). Chinese and Japanese pilots are present. I did not know that the Japanese even had any biplanes. A large section is present on the Spanish Civil War as well.

Head on over and check out the site. Its a treasure trove.