Tuesday, October 8, 2013

And the Envelope Please.......

Ohhh this adds to the tension, right.... er.. anyway.

So for prize number 1, the Sharp and Harper figures, the winner is - Millsy! Congratulations. I just need an address to get them to you. Shoot it to me at chrisstoesen @ gmail dot com.

For prize number 2, the 15mm armor bonus box, the winner is - Johnathan Yuengling! Congrats. While Johnathan was actually the only one to follow all of the rules for this one (he posted the titles of the post where the info was found), I did give all of the others who wanted in at least a shot at it. johnathan, please send me your mailing address to chrisstoesen @ gmail dot com.

And for the third prize, the copies of my self published books, the winner is - Millsy! Not really sure how that happened. Congrats on picking up two of the prizes. Every one who commented on the giveaway post was entered in this one. Once I get you e-mail address for prize 1, I will send you prize three.

And last but not least, I am awarding a sportsmanship prize. Two gentlemen stepped up and offered their potential winnings to someone else. Granted that at least one of them was to stop Ray from winning. But I thought it was still a nice gesture. So Edwin King and Gary Amos will both receive a set of my self published stuff as well as another copy being sent to Ben Davy, the target of their kind gesture. I think I have some of your e-mails but to make sure, can you please e-mail me so I know I have your right addresses? Same e-mail address as referenced above.

Thank you to all who entered. It was more fun than my actual birthday. 42 was life the universe and everything. 43 turned out to be a badly bruised back and a case of poison ivy. Anyway, until next time, enjoy.


  1. Well done to the winners!

    It's really random to win a prize without even entering!

  2. Wow, Thank you Chris

  3. Woot! Can't express how excited I am to actually win something! Thanks Chris and congrats/commiserations to everyone else as appropriate... ;-)

  4. Congrats to the winners. That's some good stuff.