Friday, October 25, 2013

Welcomes and Progress

A warm welcome to Vinnie's World who just joined us. He started blogging this year and I found him through a post on Ray and Francis' blogs. Its a good blog so far. Stop on by and give it a look.

I managed to knock out some more jump off points. I am taking advantage of the fact that all measurements are taken from the center of the Jump off point and just basing these on US pennies like my miniatures. One is a stack of loose lumber, another is some firewood and another is a broken tree. These are still in a pitiful unpainted state and was waiting on the base pumice gel to dry. I don't have any loose barrels or boxes. I searched high and low through my bits box for anything useful and came up with nothing. I found a loose Italian LMG that I thought about using. But that occurred to me, with as few of those as the Italians had, who in their right mind would set that down and walk away from it? These will suffice for now.

I looked into buying some barrels and the like. Bauedea (I know I spelled that completely wrong) has some really nice stuff in 15mm that I looked at getting from Scale Creep miniatures until I noticed that the price of shipping was more than the pack! There is an inner cheapskate within me that could not justify that purchase.

I am going to run through my games for the Terry Games day this weekend (wife permitting). Hopefully I will have some pictures by Monday.

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