Saturday, October 19, 2013

Something to show

Finally I am getting around to taking a few pictures. I completed my first two attempts at creating jump off points for Chain of Command. I wanted to keep it simple so I took toothpicks and a bit of balsa to make a sign that said "Warning" on it. Using my trusty source of I came up with the two below.

As you can see, I placed my now finished 15mm Italian Padre between the two signs. Well, they look huge. But hopefully on the games table they won't look like an eyesore. I only need 6 more and I am done. I am thinking of something else I can use as well. I am sure that any Italian speaking and Russian speaking readers will cringe at my choice of translation but I chose the one that looked like it would fit the sign.

The Padre is now finished. The holster was lopped off. The ribbon glued in place and painted. It came out looking alright. It won't win any contests but it is ready for the table. I may try to cobble something else together tonight or try to get some sleep. I am not sure that the meds for my poison ivy will let me sleep. You can get a bunch accomplished when you can't sleep after all.