Friday, August 16, 2013

Troops Weapons and Tactics

I played through a quick game of Troops, Weapons and Tactics last night with the aim to get some pictures for the CSIR book last night. I managed to take a number of bad pictures and a couple of potential keepers. The scenario is Campaign 4, Scenario 2 from the book. A esploratori platoon is occupying the outskirts of a small village and must hold it against a Soviet counter attack. Playing this solo, I had the esploratori attempt to move and occuply better positions as soon as possible. One squad ran through the woods to try to get to a barn while others shot up the road to a fenced in farm.

The Soviets entered in force. They had some difficulty moving at first but then got going quickly enough.

The Soviets attempted to charge the newly taken Italian position in a fenced farmhouse with bad results.

But things did not go the Italians way in the advance through the woods. The Soviets got their MMG going with some excellent movement rolls. They set up and let the Italian squad moving through the woods have it. The Italian squad was badly mauled with its survivors running away.

With the esploratori down to two squads and both were in good cover. One mauled Soviet squad and two others at full strength, the game ended up with the Soviets attempting to flank the Italians. This they were not able to achieve before reinforcements arrived. The game went to the Italians as they held on.


So now to the important part, do you think these pictures are useful? I already cropped them down. Any other suggestions? I have GIMP and can try to fiddle with them some more. I had one overhead lamp over the table and another LED light pointed at the table as well. They seem to have come out darker than I thought they would have.


  1. Useful in what sense? I will show first a general view of the table and give indications where each side is located too.

  2. The photos look great Chris, like you said some are a little dark, I sometimes use the edit function on google to brighten dark pictures up, it works quite well.

  3. The pictures are pretty good. They do seem a tad dark, but I think that adds to the atmosphere of a dreary winters day on the Russian front. I like the last picture, only I'm not sure if I would prefer the figures to be more in focus. I downloaded a program to try and tether my Nikon to my Laptop for a bigger view screen and more control from here. I'll try it out myself and let you know.

  4. Very nicely presented winter scene.

  5. Hello, in fact you could use gimp to lighten the photos. You may, however, also try to play with the black and white and maybe leave some particular color. The photos that I like the most are: the first, fourth and fifth.
    I think it's nice to insert pictures with thumbnails in the scenarios, not too many, maybe for a scenario.