Thursday, August 29, 2013

15mm Dux Britannarium Miniatures from Peter Pig

I was just stuck on a late night work call and decided to take a look at the latest offerings at Peter Pig. They have expanded their Viking range greatly and have released their first pack of late Saxons. There is lots of useful stuff in here now.

First up is the Longship. They are offering two separate boats for £9.50. These would not have been hugely different from the ships the early Saxons would have ventured over to land along the Saxon shore with. The differences are one has a mast raised and the other does not. The ships come with a choice of one of six figureheads. The one with mast raised has a steerman as well. The one without the mast comes with 14 men rowing. These fellows come with separate heads and Peter Pig is giving you 16 heads to choose from. I need to pick up one of these.

Picture taken from Peter Pig's Website.

Next up is pictures of all of the casualty packs. In a previous post, I had complained that the casualty packs did not have pictures. I ended up with the "A Bit Dead" figures and not having what I was looking for. Now all are nicely photographed so you can see what you are getting.

The two new packs that are on my must have list are the "27. Vikings carrying loot" and "14. High value plunder (gifts from God)". These would be great to include in a game where Saxons have successfully plundered a building and are trying to get away. They also have a set of male, child and female captives but I am less interested in those. There are also a pack of monks that could be interesting as civilians but they are also lower on my must have list.

The mounted vikings are another interesting pack and could work nicely as mounted Early Saxons. However, I am not sure how well they would mix with my existing Splintered Light Early Saxon Cavalry. Besides, you just do not need that much in the way of cavalry in Dux B.

Anyway, my Peter Pig shopping list just got longer with these new items. Or at least, new to me items.


  1. Love the ship! PP do make some excellent figures!

    1. Yes they do. Lots of character and many useful poses.

  2. I am a died-in-the-wool fan of PP figures. This is really cool stuff.

    1. Indeed. As soon as I get some cash, I am getting one of the longships.