Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Messing about with my camera

Since my light died, I don't have a good light source except for an overhead lamp. So they came out a bit dark. So I started to muck around with GIMP and the White Balance feature.

First up is a picture of the Rifle Section that I painted up over the weekend.

After trying the white balance, I get an equally bad picture.

Next up is a LMG section of 2 LMG teams. This also shows some new terrain that I have inherited. The Train station is really nice with a removable roof. Next to it is a coal yard.

Lastly, I have a picture of my Company HQ patrol. This is a 13 man section. From what I can tell, this patrol had no Light machineguns as part of its organization.

Well, I will continue to try new things and improve the pictures.


  1. My 2 cents. The white balance didn't really improve the picture, you said as much. To me it is not the brightness that is the issue. I think there is too much ground in the foreground and the depth of field with the figures in front out of focus seems strange. Try the tick of setting the focal point on a nearer figure or object and holding the shutter button halfway, then framing the picture how you want. That will stop you from having the middle figure in focus and everything in front or behind out. The third picture is good and the fourth one is fine but might benefit from a similar trick as the first. I know what I should do and still take crap pictures, Just take a lot and you'll end up with a few you like.

  2. I have the same problems. I actually like the first pic the best. I always have too much brightness in my pics. It seems when I use no flash they turn out more realistic looking. I just take about 50 pics or so (or so) and pic the best, since I am no cameraman...just a painter and a gamer.
    Fantastic blog!!