Friday, August 23, 2013

Fun with Google Ad Sense and more Welcomes

I signed up for Google Ad Sense back in 2009. I laughed at it thinking "Sure, that will work." With no real belief that I would see anything come out of it. Recently Fjodin posted on his blog about his Ad Sense account with an appeal to help fund his miniature habit through it. This caused me to wonder if I had come close to that magical $100 earnings mark. *Queue Drum Roll*

*Dramatic Pause*

I have so far raised $12.74. WhooHoo! I am going to rush out and buy... well nothing as they don't pay unless you reach $100 in commissions. Oh well. It was still fun to look. No, this is not attempting to encourage anyone to start a clicking campaign on the ads that appear here. Honestly, I am not too sure of what appears for other folks. Its probably as appropriate as feminine hygiene products marketed during the Super Bowl. Because nothing says tackling the enemy like Tampax.

In terms of hobby work, I have done nothing this week. Honestly. NOTHING. I have a book that is sitting at 98% ready to release and I have done nothing. I have armies waiting for a turn on the painting table and I have done nothing. I have no idea what my problem is. But I am convinced I will snap out of it shortly.

Lastly, I would like to extend a warm welcome to my two newest blog followers: Czaki and Fjodin. Not sure if Czaki has a blog or not but you are certainly welcome here. Fjodin has a very nice site with a wide range of topics.

Until next time, Enjoy.


  1. Always wondered about Adsense, now I know. Take a break when you need it. I have a ton I should be working on, so instead I'm tinkering with my blog list.

  2. do not beat your self up if you need a break then take one your hobby will be there when you get back
    Peace James

  3. $12.74! You are richer than me! I have $8,43 :) :)