Thursday, August 22, 2013

More Contests. More Free Stuff

There are three that I know about at this point.

#1 Laughing Ferret's. I was not familiar with this site until spotting a post on Loki's Great Hall. Seems to be a clever fellow who I am going to look forward to following. He is celebrating 200K hits and is nearly to 300 followers. Great Job. He has 11 prizes to give away.

#2 Canister and Grape - Another new site to me. They are celebrating 50k hits. Another great achievement. This site is giving away 3 items. A very nice painted 28mm Post-Roman Briton figure being among them as well as a book and a bag of unpainted lead. Fun Stuff.

#3 Last but not Least is Andy Hawes's blog Andy's Wargaming Blog. He is giving away another post-roman briton Warlord. Very nicely done. Andy is celebrating 100k page views.

And I am not jealous of their accomplishments or anything. No, really. I'm not. :)

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