Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Random Thoughts, Chain of Command, More Campaigns

First of all, welcome to András Szilvásy. He has two blogs. The first is "Prinzipalität des Schultze-Böhnstadt". With this one he had me at Cossacks. The second is "Random&Creative". Another great read with plenty of nicely painted miniatures. Welcome aboard.

So, with Chain of Command released by the TooFatLardies, I sit and patiently await a hard copy to be delivered. I also am awaiting the hard copy that Rich is sending to Terry Haney's wife. He was kind enough to dedicate the rules to Terry's memory. Terry was an early convert to the ways of Lard.

Now, what am I planning on doing with Chain of Command? Item 1, make a campaign. This is actually kind of fruitless as I rarely get to finish out my campaign ideas. I have a Sharp Practice campaign that is languishing and a Lebanon '82 campaign that is collecting dust at the moment. Why would I want to do another? Well, I find it fun.

With WWII, I have way too many interests. Almost all of which are early war. I have troops for a number of theaters. Specifically, East Africa, North Africa, France, Greece and the Eastern Front. I have some late war items for Normandy and the Eastern Front but for some reason I am just not as attracted to it on the game table. Granted the armor looks nicer and is definitely more effective but the early war stuff just captures my interest.

I am thinking of doing an August 1941 Operation Barbarossa campaign to start with. I have all the figures I need for the Soviets, Italians and Germans. Given that I have been working on my CSIR supplement for over 5 years now, I may have to go with Germans rather than Italians for a bit as I need a break from them.

One thing thrown about the TFL group has been the thought of all armor games. This is interesting. I am thinking about having a platoon of armor and one of infantry for both sides and running the campaign.

An old picture of some of my Early War German Panzer IIIs.

My favorite early war Soviet tank has to be the T-26. It has so many variants making it a swiss army knife of tanks. I still do not have any of the double turret models which I need to pick up at some point. They would likely be my opponents.

Once again, Platoon Forward will serve as the backdrop for the campaign. It is such a flexible system. I would replace the scenarios from PF with the ones offered by the Chain of Command rules. The terrain generator will probably get some exercise though.

One other project I may explore would be the Italian invasion of France in 1940. I have the French troops and the Italians ready to go. It would make for an interesting project. The only missing items are French VB gunners. That is something I hope to remedy in the next month or two.

For East Africa, I have a bunch of Italian Colonial troops that are collecting dust. These troops would be quite a challenge to lead as they lack light machine gun support. They press the attack with rifle and bayonet alone. In battles such as Mill Hill, their attacks resembles something out of a Great War nightmare with the poor colonials charging machine gun positions repeatedly. The Lancia IZM armored Car and other great early war vehicles really make this a fun period to model.

So how are you, dear reader, planning on using Chain of Command? Isolated scenarios or are you planning on a campaign of some sort?


  1. I have been planning a campaign follwing a group of Soviet soldiers in the Winter War since CoC was M&B with a different a
    Arsenal page. Perhaps this will finally happen now.
    I also dream of running a campaign following a group of Paras or Legionaries at Dien Bien Phu.

  2. Those sound like good campaigns as well. The Dien Bien Phu campaign sounds really interesting. Lots of colorful characters in the Legion.