Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Writing Progress

The CSIR supplement is coming along at a better speed. I am well into the scenarios now. At this point in time, the supplement will feature 22 scenarios for IABSM and an additional 12 scenarios for either Troops, Weapons & Tactics or Chain of Command.

The first 16 of the scenarios are complete and in the hands of volunteer reviewers of which I am grateful. I plan on posting a sample scenario when all is said and done. Once the draft of each scenario is complete, I need to redo the scenario maps as these are crayoned out in MSPaint at the moment. I have Campaign Cartographer but some of the elements that I have are not compatible with Windows8. That has held up progress for quite a while. But fortunately that obstacle was just overcome. If you are not familiar with ProFantasy Software, it is an excellent map making software. It is far more involved than I am able to utilize. I like it in that I can produce a map that does not look like my 4 year old drew it.


  1. Chris, looking forward very much to what you come up with. The ProFantasy Software is excellent, isn't it. I've not used it much, but every time I have done it's been excellent.

    1. Thanks. I really like Campaign Cartographer. It gives even a non artist like me professional looking results.