Monday, May 6, 2013

Hmmm... Now where was that....

I am not the most organized person in the world. In an effort to organize I made a good purchase a few years ago. My church was selling off old furniture and the music department was selling their sheet music storage cabinets. This cabinet has three columns of shelves that will perfectly hold 15mm miniatures - foot, cavalry or vehicles. It will also keep 28mm figures that are on foot as the 5 28mm figures that I own are not comfortably resting within it.

The unit has 12 rows of shelves for a total of 36 shelves. Each was made to store sheet music. In my case, they store lots of little lead men. Now, last year, my wife was irritated that I kept bringing shelf after shelf into the house trying to find things. Handing me the label maker she banished me to the garage until I had each shelf properly labeled with what I had. From the picture, you can see the results of the effort. While this helped me know what miniatures where in what shelf, I still did not necessarily know what was in each shelf.

Early last year, or was it 2011, I attempted to start to catalog what I had so I would not end up double buying figures that I already had. I did not get very far. Over the next few weeks, I am going to be opening the cabinet and photographing the shelves and listing these out. This comes after spending Sunday evening rummaging through shelves looking for a figure that I just knew that I had but could not find where it was supposed to be.

Terrain is a completely different animal. Only the smallest bits of terrain really fit within the confines of the cabinet. I am using part of the shelves for my workbench to hold the boxes of terrain that I have at this point. One day, I might even organize that. But too much organization all at once has to be bad for you.

OOps. I hit the submit button before I had the picture in place.

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