Wednesday, May 8, 2013

I'm looking for a Padre....

I have briefly mentioned that I am looking to create a Padre figure for my Italian army. It took some searching but finally I came up with what these guys looked like in uniform rather than their priestly vestments. Here are the pictures that I have found through Google's help around the internet.

First up we have a chap who appears to be actually working amongst the people and troops. This is ultimately the look I am going for.

This sharply dressed fellow shows the main differentiation between the officers and the Padre. The large cross on the chest of the uniform blouse is the main item. It seems that some wore a cross around their neck as well and the "scarf" looking thing.

This sharp dressed fellow provides another look.

Now, if this toy is correct, we are looking at a blue (help me here, being color blind is not fun) "scarf" looking deal to go with it.

I have a Battlefront Officer figure with hands behind his back. This is OK. I wanted something more dynamic. On the TooFatLardies Yahoo group, I was informed about a figure in the Peter Pig WWI range in pack 66. This is a neat figure as it has its arms spread. I would need a head swap for the right hat. Also the pouch on its chest would need to go. Possibly carve it to a cross? Then add the scarf looking thing as well. I will probably make 2 of these. The first with the figure that I have and the second with the Russian Peter Pig figure.

I am also willing to take other suggestions.


  1. I believe the colour of the scarf (stole) would be a purple violet colour

    1. Yep, purple for a catholic Padre and I assume that would be the one you find in the Italian army

    2. Awesome. Would the fringe be white or yellow? Your picture shows yellow while the other pictures look white. I might just do yellow to make it stand out more anyway.

  2. Can't think of anything else?? I'll look forward to seeing what you do.