Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tenente Don Traversa Natale - Padre figure for my CSIR troops

Last night I finished off the minor changes on my Padre figure. Ultimately, this is not the figure I wanted to go with as he lacks some of the drama I wanted for the figure. He looks way too subdued. There is a figure in the Peter Pig WWI Russian pack that I really want to convert that has his arms out stretched as if he was giving a benediction. A simple head swap and some modeling clay for his stole thing and it would be good to go.

Until that day comes, I will go with this one. In my last post, (Making of a Padre) I started the conversion and the one before that (Looking for a Padre) I showed what I was looking to accomplish.

Well here is my final effort. Painting tiny crosses on the stole proved to be beyond my ability as well as a cross around the good padre's neck. Instead there are some suggestive blobs of paint in the appropriate location. My eyes just were not up for the challenge last night.

So the figure went from this officious officer:

To this kind padre who is serving his flock:

I must say, I do not like doing figure conversions. The worst part was the fiddly little stole around his neck. There is a thin dot of super glue holding it in place at the moment. Looking at him now, I am not sure I should have left his holster in place. Would that have been acceptable in the field to allow pistols to military chaplains? Any thoughts?


  1. Looks excellent! Not sure if they'd have carried a gun, I'd leave it off.

    1. I think you are right. Guess he is going back under the knife. I worry that the scarf will survive.

  2. VEry good conclusion to your project, excellent