Wednesday, May 1, 2013

More Painting Accomplished

Tonight was rather productive. I finished my first set of Old West miniatures. First up is the leader of the gang, Bad Bob. This is from the Peter Pig line, "Hey you in the jail." I really like these character packs. They include a mounted, dismounted and dead figure.

Next up are the rest of his gang. The figures are from their gunmen with pistols pack. The dead poses are from their dead gunmen pack. I tried to paint them in pairs of matching living and dead poses.

These were great fun to paint. I have several more figures to paint up. Oddly enough I have 2 other of the character packs: the sheriff and the marshal. What surprised me is all three of the character packs that I own all are armed with shotguns. I was hoping that there would be at least one with a shotgun. Anyway, these will be used with the Lard Approved "Tin Star" rules.

Next up is what I received in the mail. My major prize that I won from the Mad Padre's recent contest. It is a lovely 28mm adventurer figure. It is full of character and Mike did a great job of painting it up. One day I will have to look into a pulp army of some sort.

Lastly, I finished painting but not yet basing 14 Italian Riflemen, 3 sergeants armed with Barretta SMGs and a lieutenant for my 3rd and final platoon for my CSIR Italian force. In addition, I finished up a 65mm mountain gun. I hope that I can get the basing finished this week.


  1. Good job! Good to see your productivity and great results. Best, Dean

  2. Thanks. Hopefully I will finish the Italians this week. I have some Italian motorcyclists ready to go as well.