Thursday, May 30, 2013

Tinkering with Terrain - Trees

I had posted earlier in the week about attempting to make a couple stands of trees. Well here is the one stand that I have finished thus far.

I am partially experimenting with the camera on my phone so that explains 3 pictures of the same thing. I experimented with adding a vine going up one of the trees. I am not sure that I am happy with the look of it.

Do leafy vines grow up the side of trees in Europe the way they do here in the states? Here in Georgia, I have vines of poison ivy going up the pine trees in my back yard that are some four inches in diameter.

Note: Do not cut into one of those vines with a chain saw unless you are wearing a bio-warfare suit. Breathing in the dust nearly landed me in the hospital the one time I tried it.


  1. Very nice, Chris. And yes they do. Driving through France a couple of weeks ago it was quite noticeable. Also Mistletoe intertwining with the trees.