Tuesday, August 30, 2011

More Terrian

Well my latest Ebay purchase has arrived. I picked up the GUM Department store and the Commissar's House in 15mm from JR Miniatures. The price was nice and it was delivered quickly.

Now what suck out the most was that there are several air bubbles present in the model. Not a deal breaker but annoying. Next was the size of the GUM department store. Instead of a department store, this is more of a corner drug store. The building is supposed to be a two story building but the base floor under the shown second floor is filled in. Not a problem but it seems that this was an older model compared to some of their other items. This will still be a nice model. The Commissar's house is very nice. These two with the other building I have already painted should provide a nice core to the urban terrain I am building.

The commissar's house has a nice poster on the side of the building. I need to think about what to put on that. Should be something fun that can be used in more than one theater.

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