Saturday, August 20, 2011

Frigate Updates pt 5 - Painting Started

Well this has been a productive weekend for the Frigate. I managed to get the ship primed and an initial coat of paint on it. I am using the painting guide found here: I went with the Black hull with yellow stripe.

I realized that I never made the gun ports for the five main deck guns that are open. I will make these out of card stock paper and super glue them in place. I managed to make one but have not gotten around to fitting it in place yet. It seems very fiddly and I am not looking forward to it. I am also wondering if that would be entirely necessary. Looking at the Fist Full of Seaman blog I see that his French Frigate of similar size (just in 28mm) does not have those same gun ports with hatches. I may just leave off.

Still looking for a good name. So far The Pickle and Bessie have been the suggestions so far. Neither are grabbing me yet. There used to be a great Campaign for India naval game on the web that had some good French ship names like Ville de Fromage and Droits des Animaux. The website that chronicled the campaign seems to have dropped off the web now and I can't find my link to look it up on the internet archive. Oh well.

I was thinking of something along the lines of HMS Indigestible, or HMS Inconceivable or something along those lines. Some other thoughts I had ran along the lines of: Indecipherable, Indeterminate, Irrelavant, Irritable and Irredeemable. No one can top the names of the ships over at the Fist Full of Seaman Blog ( He even has a back story on the names of most of them. Very clever. Anyway, the ship has a nice little spot on the stern to paint it in. Speaking of, here is a picture of the stern.

The project really feels as if it is coming along now. Once I get some more of the painting done, it will be time to rig this thing. I found an excellent guide to rigging the ship on this site: This guy has paper models in 1/300 scale and they look fantastic. If there were crews and such available from Baccus or Adler, I would think seriously about going with this scale for small ship actions in Kiss Me Hardy. His rigging suggestion is to use cotton thread and rub the thread down with elmer's glue. This stiffens the thread and actually serves to reinforce the overall result. He said if rigged, his 1/300 models can be dropped from a table top height and not suffer damage. That will be worth looking at.

Aghhh! I keep forgetting to add the dolphin striker. Well, maybe tomorrow.


  1. Chris,
    Try this address at the Internet Archive:

    It looks like the website disappeared about Jan 2006, so go back past that.

  2. The frigate is really coming along nicely. I look forward to seeing it in its finished state.