Thursday, August 4, 2011

Another Oh Shiny Moment

Well the purchase occurred a while back but I just now have gotten around to looking at it to complete.

I found this 28 gun Frigate online over a year ago. No clue who make it now. I have a bag of parts for the masts and rigging in my cabinet.

The ship is a resin model scaled for 15mm miniatures. I bought some guns for it too. (now where did I put those...)

Now, can anyone recommend how to begin painting this? Do I need to prime it? What primer should I use?


  1. I can't advise you on how to prepare or paint the model, but I look forward to following your work on this. It looks like a fun project.

  2. I found out that the manufacturer - Laden Swallow Miniatures - is now sadly out of business. This was a dandy of a ship that I keep putting off doing more with from fear that I will mess it up.