Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Frigate Updates Pt 3

Not much progress last night. But all of the yards are glued. I decided to add the top gallant masts to the ship as the masts looked too short without them. No royals though and no flying jib. I will add a dolphin striker. Just trying to figure out what the length would look right. I have been lashing the spars to the rigging. It is a tedious chore but I think it will look good when done and add strength.

Here is an over all picture of where I am so far.

This next picture is a close up to show what a 15mm miniature looks like on the deck of the ship. I purchased naval figures from two years ago. As well as some from another vendor that I can't remember. Maybe Battlehonors. Anyway, this is one I have not done anything with. It seems to put figures on the deck, I will have to derive a new basing mechanism as small bases will be needed on the tight confines of the deck. I will be buying some sailors from Thoroughbred Miniatures to put some on the rigging and the like. I have a figure that someone (Terry I think) gave to me that is holding a telescope. Definitely a great officer figure.

Well, at least it is some progress.

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