Friday, September 2, 2011

Frigate Update - Rigging

I attempted to use the rigging that came with the kit. It was a close to nine feet of elastic cord. This did not look the way I wanted it to so I pulled it off of the ship and tried again. War Artisan Workshop has instructions for rigging their ships by running elmer's glue on cotton thread. This creates a stiff thread that you cut to size and glue in place. Their ships are 1/300th scale. I tried to fix the elastic cord this way and that was a total failure. What I settled on was using lengths of cut floral wire. This will need to be painted black but it will serve the same purpose as the stiffened cotton thread for the smaller scale ships. It is sturdy and will hold its shape while it is glued in place. I also glued a dolphin striker and a spar across the bow spirit. Both of these still need to be painted. And speaking of paint, I got the interior railings painted as well. It is really starting to shape up. No pictures this post. I will try to take some at lunch and update this.

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  1. Sounds very tricky to me, probably gone with the best idea using wire, I don't envy you doing this, not at all, looking forward to more pics.