Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Bag the Hun - A North Africa Campaign Supplement

I have decided to go ahead and sell the supplement that I wrote for Bag the Hun in North Africa on my own. Rich is currently overwhelmed with IABSM3 and at least two other projects that I have submitted to him.

The supplement has orders of battle and scenarios for the following campaigns: Operation Battleaxe (June 14 – 18, 1941), Operation Crusader (November 18, 1941 to Jan 18, 1942), The Battle of Gazala (May 26 – June 21, 1942) and
The Second Battle of El Alamein (Oct 23 to Nov 5, 1942). It has a campaign system to recreate an ongoing air campaign. And historical scenarios for each of the above campaigns. Rosters of the men from each squadron are provided from the information available. In many cases, the only available information was from the published losses and victory lists.

What this does not have is Rich's editing and art. As such, it is at a discounted price from what it would be through the TFL's site.

The supplement is availible through my PayHip Store. The document is a 13 MB PDF file.


  1. Chris My name is Bob Shaw I sent you 4.00 Pay pal for your North Africa Supplement and have not herd back on how to down load or sent to me.

  2. I had sent the file on Friday the 12th. I just resent in 5 parts in case the attachment was too large. Let me know if you still don't get it. If this does not work, I will send from my gmail account.

  3. Hello,
    I just made the payment of $ 4 with paypal, to buy Campaign Book 1: Air
    Campaign for the Western Desert,
    I await your news.
    Bye and thanks


    1. Just sent it out from my phone. Sorry for the delay. Out running errands.

  4. Hi Chris, is this still available?


  5. That would be a yes, money sent, thank you.


  6. Yes it is. Thanks for your order. You should have it in your inbox.