Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Frigate Updates pt 2

I managed to get some time to mess with the ship again. I have mounted the Masts and Top Masts. The fighting tops are in place and I drilled and mounted the booms for the Spanker sail. I still need to wrap those joins in thread as well as the join between the bow spirit and job boom. Given that, here is what it looks like now.

That one is a little dark but you can make out the detail. Here is a brighter one taken on my work tray.

My wife was frowning greatly at the mess I was making in the living room working on fitting the masts and such.

Here is where I would like some advice from you. Do I add the flying jib, Dolphin striker and top gallant masts to this? Or should I leave the masts as they are? I am not sure what I should attempt. For those not familiar with all of the nautical terms, here is a great reference site that gives all of the parts in a couple of pictures: http://www.wanttaja.com/navlinks/SHIPVIEW.HTM

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  1. All depends what your going to do with the ship, if its going to sit there on a shelf and look pretty, Yes. If your going to use it in games, where bits could get damaged, I'd say No, but that's me!!