Thursday, September 3, 2009

Painting Time

It looks like I will finally get a game in. I will be painting up a unit of Luzon's Legion cavalry for the scenario. The scenario calls for 3 groups of 10 cavalry. I purchased a pack of Old Glory French Hussars with Command. This is a very interesting pack. It is perfect for Luzon's Legion in that it has both hussar and lancer figures (7 of each). It also has two buglers. I cannot distinguish the "officers" from the men in the pack and there is no standard bearer that I can find.

I will be basecoating these tonight if possible and start painting the horses by Friday night. With the long weekend, I am hoping that I can carve out some painting time. I need to find an appropriate light blue for the uniform jackets now.


  1. This is a good sign. I am trying out a couple of new terrain items for this game-the tidal marsh and the harvested field.
    The info I have on the Lauzon Legion indicates that the hussars should have red pants-to go with their med blue jackets and yellow lapels. Should be nice & colorful-quite the contrast to the VA Militia

  2. Mark, I painted up 5 of the 15 on the painting bench. I hope to knock the rest out this week. I will try the Army Painter dip with them. It should arrive tomorrow at work.