Friday, September 25, 2009

New Toys

Just got in an order from QRF/FrieKorps. I had ordered a pack of American Mounted Infantry and a Militia command set.

The mounted Infantry come 4 to a pack. The horse and rider are of one piece. The figures look pretty good. All four appear to be the same pose - Rider holding the reins and a musket slung on their back. I want to eventually have a group of some 12 of these guys and 12 all the same would be disapointing. I will wait to see if Peter Pig will eventually do some mounted infantry.

The militia command set are very nice figures. 4 standard bearers, two officer looking fellows and two musicians. The officers look great. One is holding a musket and firing a pistol. Definitely will be a big man on my table at some point. The other is holding a sword with the point to the ground. A solid figure but nothing too exciting. The musicians are nice in that they include a fifer as well as a drummer. The fife player will go on the painting table tonight. The standard bearers come with separate flag poles. Until I see how well I can glue those on, I will hold off judgement on them. They should do nicely as they will have the flag on an angle and not the normal straight up and down pose that Old Glory has.

I am still waiting on my Lauzon Legion command pack from FreiKorps. If those officers are as nice as the mounted infantry figures, they will do quite nicely with my Old Glory Legionaires that I have already done.

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