Saturday, September 5, 2009

Painting Time Continued

The horses are now painted for 15 of the Lauzon's Legionaires. I started on the the lancers first and have gotten the light blue of their coats on.

I really like the Old Glory figures but the officer figures are indistinguishable from the rest of the troopers. The two buglers are rather obvious and there does not appear to be a standard bearer in the bunch. So to offset this, I looked around the internet for some command figs. First stop - Deep Fried Happy Mice. They have great side by side reviews of AWI, ACW and Napoleonic miniatures. Low and behold, they have painted examples of OG AWI cavalry. But surprisingly, they did not have a miniature manufacturer that I ended up buying.

I found that Freikorps does a 4 figure mounted command pack for Lauzon's legion. These will become the Big Men for this unit. Just one question here, did the Lancer officers carry a lance into combat or a saber?

For the scenario I wrote for the SP scenario competition, I need 30 troopers for the Lauzon Legion. Needless to say, by the 19th of September, I will not have 30 of these guys and their command done. Three groups of 30? What was I thinking. Standins will be needed. To finish off the unit, I will end up buying two additional packs of the Old Glory bags. This will give me 21 lancers and 21 hussars.

That will give me French cavalry with no infantry. That won't last long I am sure.

Next on the painting bench, once the cavalry is done, are some American Militia followed by some Provincial regulars.

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