Monday, September 28, 2009

Completed Miniatures

I am really getting into painting for the AWI. I have just completed my first of several militia units. I have based them on 1" square bases for use with Vince's "Taxes, Tea and Tories" from the 2006 Winter Special from the Too Fat Lardies. I also have a few individually based figures to use for casualties with Sharp Practice.

I still need to break out the Army Painter anti-shine spray. All of the miniatures are Old Glory and from their Ragged Militia/State Troops pack. I have another group of 15 men with two officer figures, two drummers and two standard bearers left in the pack. Once the rebels are painted, I will give some provincial troops a go.


  1. These are 15mm and 3 to a base? I've got some 15mm AWI lead hanging around and the basing system for LFS and Taxes/Tea always left me puzzled.

  2. Yes. That is how I interpreted it. Vince uses 20mm figures for it but it should be about the same. He bases them 3 figures to a stand for Infantry. Cavalry is 2 to a stand. Both Cavalry and Infantry are on 1" square bases (or at least wide). I am not sure on the artillery. I guess 1" wide as well. I will make some kind of Sabot base for them so I can remove casualties for SP.