Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Crash and Burn: How Not to Start a Year

Ok. Last week was not my favorite. Start with my wife going to the ER for a kidney infection. Then my son gets a high fever and its his trip to the ER. Not enough? Well, to end the week, I get the flu. Yuck! Lastly, on Sunday night, my laptop just bit the dust. 2013 is not going my way.

The only thing I have managed to do is undercoat two eindeckers and pain most of one of them. Well now I need some decals to finish them off. It is only going up from here.

You can see the failed attempt to cover up my atempt at making a stencil for the crosses. Have to go with the decals.

In terms of writing, I have been as productive as closing my eyes and firing a shotgun straight up in hope I might get a duck. I have gotten a great book from inter-library loan on the South Carolina Navy in the Revolution. Turns out it was some fellows Master's Thesis. Seems like just what I am looking for. I now have five complete scenarios for the CSIR campaign and have laid out three more. I now have three mini campaigns defined and all of the scenarios complete for one of them. Most of that was done pre-flu. I also am distracted by Algy as is seen by the miniatures that I have painted. I am working on figuring out who was where on the Isonzo front in 1916. Over Italy, the air war was outfight boring in 1915. The Italians only scrored their first air to air kill in April 1916!

Well, its only up from here.


  1. Sorry to here about all the illness, hope everything's back to normal soon!

  2. Much better now. Next item is some plank fences for the eastern front.