Sunday, May 1, 2016

Weekend Painting - AWI Again

I managed to finish off some more figures and get a good running start at some more.

First up is an eight man group of the Delancey Brigade. I started painting these up way back when I wrote This Land Divided. I had them at a 25% complete state since then and just finished them off this week. I did find that the thinner styrene sheeting that I used for my Sabot base did not work as well as the thicker sheeting did. The figures are not in as securely. I have another three incomplete sabot bases that i will probably abandon until I can get thicker styrene for.

The picture came out darker than I had expected it to. I need to figure out what I am doing wrong. May have to try to take some outside during the day sometime.

The next piece up is an outhouse. For the terrain that I am working on for my Marion campaign book, I needed a few out buildings as well as some larger pieces. I managed to paint the tiniest piece of terrain that I could and still say I did something. It is an old JR Miniatures cast. I found that I have another four of them in my drawer. Once that I started on has a big chip out of the side and will have to be thrown out. The others remain languishing with most of my other terrain.

Then lastly, I painted up and ink washed some British Legion Cavalry. They still need some matt varnish and basing but they are painted. They have only been on painting sticks now since Peter Pig launched their AWI line. They will be a great support element whenever I can finally get in a game.

I was not done with painting with these. I am also working on some old Blue Moon FIW buildings. I have a two story log cabin that I am putting together. I am trying something different. I did a black undercoating. Then I sprayed it with some brown camo paint that I had in the garage. The idea is that I can try to save a step with the spray. We will see how that goes. This building will represent a tavern that will appear in one of the scenarios.

That is it for this time. Hopefully, I will have more to show shortly.

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